Family Room

5 Guests
33 m2
1 Single Bed, 1 Queen Bed & 1 Bunk Bed
2 Ensuite Bathroom
42 Inch TV
Air Conditioning

At Cargo88 Hotel, we understand the importance of offering diverse accommodations to cater to different family sizes and preferences. We provide a variety of family room options, with or without a balcony, ensuring that your family enjoys a comfortable and memorable stay.

Family Room with Balcony

Enjoy the Outdoors as a Family

Our family rooms with balconies are designed to offer your family the perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor relaxation. Step onto your private balcony to soak in the fresh air and scenic views that surround our hotel. It's an ideal space for quality family time, whether you're having breakfast with a view or winding down in the evening.

Family Room without Balcony

Cozy and Affordable Space for Families

Our family rooms without balconies provide a comfortable and budget-friendly option for families. These rooms may lack a private outdoor area, but they offer all the essential comforts and amenities your family needs for a pleasant stay.

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